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The Future Starts Here

No matter what the future holds for all of us, St. Andrew’s will be ready to give our students the skills and support they need.

Whether your child dreams of being an engineer or a musician, St. Andrew’s teaches the skills that make dreams realities.

At St. Andrew’s Country Day School, students learn confidence, kindness and dedication. Beginning in Prekindergarten, our teachers provide a relationships-first learning environment where students learn from modeled behavior and become part of our school community. As students continue through elementary and middle school, they continue to receive individual needs based assessments and focus on character development.

St. Andrew’s specializes in cooperative learning and student-centered teaching. These concepts are at the center of our programming, including:

* a multi-faceted STREAM program;

* unique language development programs like THEME writing intensive and Spanish language education beginning in Prekindergarten;

* integrated technology and expansive facilities.

The results speak for themselves. Time and time again, our graduates begin high school with advanced placement and acceptance to honors programs. As our alumni tell us of their successes, we often hear:

It all began here at St. Andrew’s. 

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