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Faculty and Administrative Directory

Kayla RichardsonPre-K 4 Teacher Aide

Mrs. Pam Giannantonio Principal  (Email Me)
Mrs. Justine Krzeminski Secretary (Email Me)
Mr. Ed Hans Business Manager  (Email Me)
Mrs. Megan Barton School Nurse  (Email Me)
Mrs. Sarah Young Pre-K 3  (Email Me)
Ms. Maria Stainsby Pre-K 3  (Email Me)
Ms. Colleen Wojtaszek Pre-K 4  (Email Me)
Mrs. Tracy Ficorilli Pre-K 4  (Email Me)
Mrs. Jennifer Puma Kindergarten  (Email Me)
Mrs. Charleen Myles Gr. 1  (Email Me)
Mrs. Allison Cacicia Gr. 2  (Email Me)
Mrs. Roxanne Sortino Gr. 3  (Email Me)
Mrs. Candace Wlodarczyk Gr. 4  (Email Me)
Mr. Daniel Johnson 5-8 Grade Social Studies and
6th Grade Homeroom  (Email Me)
Ms. Emma Sullivan 5-8 Grade ELA/Theme and
5th Grade Homeroom  (Email Me)
Ms. Trish Glynn 5-7 Science/Regents Living Environment and
7th Grade Homeroom  (Email Me)
Mrs. Carrie Garrison 5-7 Grade Math /Regents Algebra and
8th Grade Homeroom  (Email Me)
Mrs. Kate O’Leary RTI, Library & 5th Grade Religion  (Email Me)
Mr. Mike Bogdan Computers  (Email Me)
Miss. Green Spanish  (Email Me)
Mr. Matt Francisco Physical Education  (Email Me)
Mrs. Hanna Gabryszak Art  (Email Me)
Ms. Valerie Villa Music  (Email Me)
Mrs. Sabrina Braunstein Pre-K 3 Teacher Aide
Mrs. Jaime Withy Pre-K 3 Teacher Aide
Mrs. JoAnn Rupp Pre-K 4 Teacher Aide
Mrs. Barbara Panepinto Kindergarten Teacher Aide