Catholic Faith



Although our school is open to those of all faiths, being a Catholic school our faith is the center of all we do.  We even include it in our WAY TO BEE PROGRAM where our students are encouraged to follow the way Jesus lived. As for academics, it starts early with our Pre-K students learning that God is our friend.  They also start to learn the prayers of our faith.  Our Religion program is quickly expanded around basic truths about the Trinity, Scripture, Sacraments and prayer.  Each year these topics are revisited and more information is added.  This way the students are prepared to put their faith into action when they receive Reconciliation, First Communion, and later on Confirmation.  We also give our students opportunities to model their faith, or practice the beliefs of the Catholic Social Teachings.

Our students serve as altar servers, teaching assistants for Religious Education classes and in their 8th grade year they model church behavior with a Pre-k Mass buddy. Starting in 6th grade our students are required to do hours for our Community Service Program, which teaches them to help other people as Jesus Christ once did.

For more information on our parish, please visit our St. Andrew’s Parish website.