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Andy’s Place After School Program


Extended day care is available to all St. Andrew’s Students.  Under supervised direction, children begin and continue their day with people and faces they know and who know them! Students may arrive as early at 7:00 am at no charge. Andy’s Place After school care begins at dismissal.  Students may remain in supervised care until 6:00 pm.  The cost is $6.00 per hour, rounded to the nearest 10 minutes. Care is available as needed on 1/2 days and days off.

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What is Andy’s Place? 

Andy’s Place (named for our school turtle, Andy) is where SACDS students can come at the end of the day, early release days and school holidays. It is a place for them to hang out, get some homework help and have a great time until it’s time to go home!  Plus, the children are able to make friends and play after school, in a familiar and caring setting, with St. Andrew’s own in-house staff.

Our energetic and enthusiastic staff provides a safe, friendly place for your children to spend a few hours each day. We currently use separate classrooms for our youngest and oldest children, whom we lovingly refer to as “Littles” and “Bigs”. Our staff is comprised of qualified adults who love what they do.

The hourly cost for care at Andy’s Place is $6/hour per child (rounded to the nearest :10).  

What Happens at Andy’s Place? 


Our youngest children (Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten) arrive at our room before the oldest students are dismissed for the day. Once they are welcomed into the room by our staff, they will find activity centers such as coloring, games, puzzles, or toys.  Later, after clean-up time, they are provided with a snack (with consideration to any allergies), and they watch a movie for a bit. Once snack time is done, the children might play more games, or head down to the gym. Kids who are extra-helpful and kind may get picked to be the Turtle helper of the Day, and get to go down to visit with and feed Andy! 


Once grades 1-8 are dismissed, they come into the Bigs room.  Our staff assists the children in making sure homework is completed for the night and the kids are provided with a snack.  Our Bigs love to play games like checkers, chess and Jenga. Some children choose to read, do crafts, play Legos and more. During homework time, we provide them with a snack.  Later on, we might play some group games, have a coloring contest, or play in the gym. We’ve also just formed our own Student Council to help plan activities. We know it can sometimes be a long day for the children, so we want them to be safe, have fun, and be able to relax! Our big kids have described their experiences in our program as, “Homey”, “Fun” and “Spectacular!” and our staff as, “Family”, “Helpful”, “Caring” and “Fun-Loving”. 


For our half-days and school holidays, Andy’s Place likes to plan bigger activities for our group.  So far this year, we have hosted the Buffalo Zoo, the Buffalo Museum of Science, the Albright-Knox Art Truck, Hawk Creek Wildlife, Special Effects Makeup by Alexxis, and the biggest hit of them all, the Indoor Bounce House! (Parents are asked to send in a nut-free lunch for these events.)  


In the past, we have also been able to provide the children with events such as weekly Tae Kwon Do, Yoga and Food Fridays (where the kids get to cook!)

At Andy’s Place, we adults feel that if we’re having a great time, so will the kids.  Our staff is responsible, loving, and especially, FUN! For more information about Andy’s Place, email Rachel Zeller at afterschool@standrewscds.net.