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Tuition at a Glance

Tuition Information

2020-2021 School Year

St. Andrew’s Country Day School is an excellent value, providing your child a high-quality education that will be beneficial throughout his or her whole life. 

Pre-Kindergarten Tuition:

Part-Time Full-Time
Pre-K 3 (MWF am)


Participating* Parent: $4,500

Non-Participating: $5,800

Pre-K 4 (MWF all day)
Participating* Parent: $4,200

Non-Participating: $5,500

Kindergarten-Grade 8 Tuition:

Participating* Non-Participating
1 child $3,700 $5,400
Each additional child $1,900 $2,100

*Participating Families practice their faith and participate in our two main fundraisers Bingo and Black and Gold Gala.

**If you are an active parishioner in a Catholic parish without a school, you may enroll in the Catholic Tuition Grant Program.

Financial Assistance:

BISON Fund tuition assistance is available for families within financial eligibility. Additional information is available in this folder.


All fundraising, with the exclusion of Participating Parent requirements, are optional. No commitment fee will be charged. 

Tuition Payments and Additional Fees:

St. Andrew’s utilizes the FACTS Tuition Management Program. Ten (10) monthly payments will be made automatically in accordance with your payment plan. There is a $250 registration fee for new families and an annual FACTS registration fee. 

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