Remedial Support Services

All Students at St Andrews Country Day School are supported academically through our response to intervention program.  Response to Intervention is a method of academic Intervention that provides early, systematic assistance to children who are having difficulty learning.  RtI seeks to prevent academic failure through early intervention, frequent progress measurement, and increasingly intensive research-based instructional Interventions.

RtI follows a number of core assumptions;

  1. The educational system can effectively teach all children
  2. Early intervention is critical to preventing problems from expanding
  3. The implementation of a multi-tiered service delivery model is necessary
  4. A problem solving model should be used to make decisions between tiers
  5. Research-based interventions should be implemented to the extent possible
  6. Progress monitoring must be implemented to inform instruction
  7. Data should drive decision making

Services are provided in small group settings, or one on one. Our Child Study Team meets weekly to address needs of the students.

Testing accommodations and other student learning needs are provided in accordance with a student’s IEP or 504 plan.