Technology and Computer Literacy

The St. Andrew’s CDS technology plan allows for the maximum integration of technology in every classroom through smartboards.  Smartboards in every classroom allow our teachers and students to be interactive with technology.  St. Andrew’s CDS is fortunate to have a designated computer laboratory which is critical to student’s computer literacy.

Our on-going practice of conducting an inventory of existing technology, both hardware and software, and periodic updates result in state-of-the-art instruction and learning.

As a STREAM School, our grades 6-8 students study pre-engineering.  Our students use the computers to model and design products they have created in their pre-engineering class.  Students in Kindergarten through second grade learn keyboarding skills.  Students also do workshops in Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

St. Andrew’s teachers attend training classes which provide them with current strategies to incorporate interactive technology into their lesson planning.  Each teacher receives a Chromebook to be able to prepare, and submit their lesson plans electronically.

St. Andrew’s utilizes digital resources which improve parent communication and supports their involvement as educational partners.Computer Lab 1