Living Environment

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Middle States Accredited

St. Andrew’s participates in Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation and uses the tools and resources to identify our school’s strengths and areas in need of improvement.

• St. Andrew’s identifies and develops resources and professional development programs deemed appropriate through the self-study process.
• St. Andrew’s identifies and expands programs in specialty areas such as early childhood, science, technology, mathematics (STEM), music and the arts, gifted education, programs to meet the needs of diverse learners(RTI) and students with special needs(Resource Center), within the capabilities of the school as discovered through self-study.


St. Andrew’s implements and monitors curricula aligned with the Diocesan Core Curriculum and the New York State Common Core Learning Standards.

• St. Andrew’s participates in New York State assessments and use formative assessments to document student learning outcomes and make informed instructional decisions.
• St. Andrew’s collaborates with school leaders and representatives from the Department of Catholic Schools to analyze assessment data and realign instruction to move students toward attaining proficiency in all areas.
• St. Andrew’s utilizes intervention strategies where student achievement is below standard as measured by New York State assessments.