Current & Upcoming Topics


8th Grade: End of World War II & Beginning of the Cold War

–Analyzing the causes, the impact of technology in modern war, life on the Home Front, a virtual field-trip of the Holocaust, and a Mock Trial on Japanese Internment.

8th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade: American Culture & Growing Divisions

–Exploring how America developed some of its values and national identity by exploring “new” technology, regional viewpoints and the struggle of minorities in America.

7th Grade Project involving creating Story Boards

6th Grade: Byzantine & the Middle East

–Now that students wrapped up their aqueducts, we will be looking at the Roman Empire of the East – technologies, engineering of the first cathedrals and artwork.

Middle School Religion: Easter Season in the Church

–Students will tie in values of Lent and knowledge of the Passion to better understand the trials Jesus went through.  Students will delve into their Catholic roots and further prayer.