Current & Upcoming Topics

8th Grade: World War I & Imperialism

–Students are analyzing how America became more involved in global affairs and how these themes culminated in the First World War. We’ll be analyzing the role of different groups of people, technology and their impact on the world.

7th Grade: Colonial Life & Road to Revolution

–Students will be learning about what life was like for American Colonists during the 1700s; we will see how life will be changing and what factors will cause Americans to split away from the British crown.  We are engaging in a Salem Witch Mock Trial and will soon be starting our Fort Project to defend America atop creating propaganda posters illustrating the goals of Independence.

6th Grade: Ancient Egypt & India

–Students are tying in aspects of civilizations with how geography impacts peoples’ lives.  In Ancient Egypt, we are tying up the achievements of the Egyptian advancements in engineering and science before traveling east to India.  In India we are looking at how mountains, rivers and monsoons affect the development of the Indus-River Valley Civilization and the religious belief systems of Hinduism & Buddhism.

5th Grade: Geography for the Americas

–Our fifth graders are currently learning about the histories, governments and cultures of the United States & Canada.  Tying in our election day, students will be creating news reports about different historical events, working on enhancing writing skills, and other fun activities to increase our knowledge of North America.