Hello!  We are undergoing some big changes in Mr. J’s classes particularly with Social Studies.  We are in the process of trying out different textbook options including ebooks for next year.  Students will be alerted to assignments and readings via Google Classroom in addition to being on the homework boards in the classroom.  I appreciate the feedback as we endeavor to find new ways to best educate our students with new tools and material.

My goal is to not only teach students more about their world and country, but to make them analytical thinkers and apply the information in the real world.  I want our students to be able to understand different viewpoints and use their creativity in their learning.  Thank you for all of the support!

Current & Upcoming Topics

8th – World War II & Cold War
7th – Early Presidencies
6th – Ancient Rome & Christianity
5th – Latin America

Books & Links

Pearson Realize Demo: Grades 5-8

Prentice Hall’s: America, History of Our Nation
Pearson Company;  Boston, MA, c2008

Prentice Hall’s: History of Our World
Pearson Company;  Boston, MA, c2008

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill: The United States, Canada and Latin America
The McGraw-Hill Companies; Columbus, OH, c2009

Loyola Press: Finding God
Loyola Press; Chicago, IL, c2014

8th Grade Online Resources
Google Classroom: 7j50tz       Parents Remind: @SA2018SS8

7th Grade Online Resources
Google Classroom: 2duouz7  Parents Remind: @SA2018SS7

6th Grade Online Resources
Google Classroom: 8fmqyu    Parents Remind: @SA2018SS6

5th Grade Online Resources
Google Classroom: lwr77u     Parents Remind: @SA2018SS5