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Alumni Testimonials

Feel free to read some of our Alumnus’ testimonials:

“When we chose St. Andrew’s School for our children, we had no idea how much they would thrive in the school’s atmosphere.  Not only have they received a top-notch education- the teachers and academic offerings are excellent, but also, our kids have made friends for life through all the extra-curricular activities the school provides.  As a bonus, some of our dearest friends are the other parents we have met through St. Andrew’s.”
–   Jane & Dave Coughlin (Thomas ‘09, Claire ’13)

St. Andrew’s was the school that illuminated my love for reading and writing. I can thank SAS for strong skills that I used in high school and college, as well as graduate school. In fact, my graduate school professor asked me to collaborate on his research with him based on my writing skills, and I know our published article was made better by the things I learned at SAS.

“The real worth, though, is the friendships I made at St. Andrews. My closest group of girlfriends, women I have known since we were 6 years old, were all with me the day I walked down the aisle at my wedding this past fall. We have been friends for over 20 years now, through a cumulative 5 high schools, 6 colleges, 3 weddings, 2 PhD programs, 3 master’s degrees, and countless jobs and moves and tears and joys. I’m grateful every day for the intelligent, loving, genuine friends I made at St. Andrews. I know that no matter what the next 20, 40, 60 years bring, my girlfriends will be there for me, and I for them. This is the measure of a fantastic elementary school- it molds your character, your very foundation, and it sets you up for lasting and meaningful relationships throughout your life.

Meghan (Hofert) Gebhardt

attended from K-8, graduated from SAS 1999

“I have not taken a class at St. Andrew’s in almost 20 years but the education and experience I received there continues to impact my life.  St. Andrew’s not only offered me a great opportunity to explore my intellectual interests but it also gave me self-confidence and self-awareness that has helped me develop into a confident and compassionate adult.  I can trace almost every one of my personal and professional achievements back to something I learned or was fostered in me at St. Andrew’s.  At St. Andrew’s, the experience students receive does not end when they walk out the door.  It is something that serves them throughout their entire lives. ”

– Jill Horohoe, PhD
History Faculty, Arizona State University
Class of 1993